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Looking for love can seem like a daunting task, as finding a successful relationship can be a process of trial and error. There are some common mistakes that people make in the dating world today, and these mistakes can prevent a person from finding a partner that they truly connect with. 

It is common for some to jeopardize their prospects due to unresolved subconscious traumas, such as baggage from past relationships. There are also a number of considerations everyone should take into account when looking for love this new year, the following being some of the most important:

Love Yourself First

Self-love is absolutely crucial before you are able to love someone else. If you do not know how to love and value yourself as a person, then you cannot be expected to do so for another. People tend to place more value outside of themselves than they do internally. Self-love raises one’s standards and values, and boosts confidence. To establish love for yourself, try treating yourself to a spa day, for example. Learn to love hanging out with yourself and nurture the passions that you hold close to your heart. Use this self love meditation to help you get in touch with your capacity for self-love:


No Fixer-Uppers 

Nobody can change another person. Although some may be able to influence another individual, it always comes down to that person’s willingness to change. Otherwise, it’ll be a forced attempt that will never end favorably for either party. In fact, this often results in wasted time and growing resentment. 

Do Not Look for the Other Half

One’s own happiness should not be dependent on anyone other than themselves. Some people fall into the trap of thinking that they must find their “other half” in order to be happy. A person should always be whole before stepping into any relationship. Otherwise, they will likely have high expectations projected onto another individual that will not be fulfilled.

Actively Search

The ideal partner won’t fall into a person’s lap simply by hoping and waiting. If someone is ready for love, they must take the initiative to put themselves out there and open their heart. Try to avoid traditional norms from stopping you. For example, if a woman is interested in somebody but expects them to make the first move based on outdated societal norms, nothing may ever come of it, as both parties continue to wait to no avail. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings confidently and respectfully.

Set Clear Intentions

Speaking of respect, it is most important to establish intentions and make sure the other person is aware of what’s to be expected in the relationship to prevent boundaries from being crossed. Mutual trust, respect, and care are the foundations for a loving, successful relationship.

Make a list detailing what you desire in a relationship using as much detail as possible. Make another list that describes your future? What do you need to change in your life, if anything, to attract your desired mate? Once you are clear put yourself out there and enjoy the process.