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In my previous blog, Part 1 of this series, I discussed how a lack of understanding is one of the many challenges man and women face when in relationships. Part 2 of this series will focus on what I call the “Alpha-Beta Syndrome” that dates back to the innate drives of our ancestral period. Both sexes would greatly benefit from understanding this concept as it sheds light on why we make the decisions that we do from a biological standpoint, allowing us to see and address potential issues.

Biologically, females are programmed to search for the strongest male; one who will give her child the best chances of survival and raise him or her to be as strong as their father. That strength may look different today compared to what it once was in the earliest times of man. This can be defined as intellectual strength or emotional strength rather than just physical. While this may seem like a form of objectification towards men, it’s not something we should be upset about. As I have stated before, “the survival of our species depended on the female brain developing this adaption!”

Alpha males, on the other hand, are biologically driven to women they find attractive. Today, that attractiveness can be defined by many different things, such as financial stability, confidence, or a glowing personality. With their strong dispositions, alpha males are often subject to emasculation by the hands of their female counterparts. A woman may feel inclined to act possessive once she feels a man is “hers,” leading to a negative shift toward overbearing authority. This is typically driven by the fear of losing him. There is an unconscious biological need for him to seem less powerful to other women. When this gets activated, women can consciously and unconsciously end up disempowering that man with words and actions.

Power struggles tend to become the norm in long, serious relationships where both parties are resistant to change. Their everyday lives may become un enjoyable or painful from this friction, though the sexual component could still be thriving. Or things may seem fine in day-to-day life, but things are off in the bedroom. All in all, this often leads to a breakdown in the relationship where the man or woman becomes emotionally closed off. This vicious cycle has the potential to carry over into future relationships as well.

It is imperative that we learn how to communicate with women effectively while simultaneously avoiding any possibility of emasculation. However, this is in no way about dominating or controlling your female partner. It is about providing security and a sense of solidity for them. Today’s world tends to value masculine traits over feminine, so many women are already in the habit of exuding masculine energy, or feeling de-feminized. Acting as a source of support for them at home can create a much more relaxing state of mind and allow them to feel more comfortable in their naturally feminine energy.

It’s important to know that the male and female bodies are opposite from an energetic standpoint. However, they can polarize and act in harmony when both are in tune with their own frequencies. That is to say, when both the man and woman are feeling energetically balanced, they lower their biologically masculine and feminine walls and bask in the comfort of security. This newfound sense of comfort can allow you and your partner to experience greater pleasure, and even a stronger spiritual connection.

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